Lovely Vernazza is swept away

8 thoughts on “Lovely Vernazza is swept away”

  1. Oh my! We knew there had been floods but you’re right – UK media ignored this scale. Like you we have happy memories – we went to celebrate my 60th and retirement at the end of February 2006, walked the length of the trail and travelled each day by train. I’ll stick some photos on my blog.

  2. Thank you for this painful and heartfelt account of the loss of so much life, beauty and history. I think I’m quite alert to such stories and this is the first I’ve heard. The lack of even minimal coverage seems inexplicable.

  3. This is truly a tragic event. Though I am not surprised that it didn’t hit the news here , the only thing “Italian” this month is Mr Bunga Bunga.
    It also revived memories for me. I have not been to this area since 1965 when I stayed in Genoa with my cousins for the summer.They took me to Levanto where they had a flat on the front. Levanto is a relatively short distance up the coast from Vernazza. I recall small rocky beaches some only accessible by boat; and the towns and villages hugging the coast line as we travelled South from Genoa by train in and out of tunnels in the cliffs. I played football on a floodlit sandy pitch, I thought was a bit of a Nobby Styles type defender, they didn’t appreciate that. We watched a Kirk Douglas cowboy movie projected onto a wall in the town square and I went snorkelling for the first time. My cousin came to visit in 1966 and we went to see the world cup quarter final England vs Argentina, not the most sporting match. I have not heard from my cousins since.

  4. Great photos, Kevin. What a difference a month makes – yours so stormy in March and mine calm and sun-kissed in April (though we did have one day that was cold and cloudy).

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