Watch the stars – see how they run

Watch the stars – see how they run…
– Pentangle

Here’s a stunning photograph from the Eyewitness series in The Guardian.  It shows the Milky Way as seen in the Mardi Khola valley in the Himalayas, with clouds of galactic dust illuminated in red by young stars. Ukrainian photographer Anton Jankovoy braved freezing temperatures for this shot during a trek in Nepal.  Click on the image to see it full size.

Anton Jankovoy is a professional travel photographer, shooting in such genres as travel, landscape and portrait photography. He is a member of the International Union of Wildlife Photographers (IUWP). His Flickr photostream can be viewed here.

Jankovoy also captured these amazing long-exposure  images of swirling star trails above Mount Everest, published in several newspapers earlier this year. He spent months camping at the foot of the world’s highest peak patiently waiting for the right weather conditions.  Peaks including the Annapurna South and the Hiunchuli can be seen in the spectacular images which took hours to capture and expose.

Jankovoy  told the Daily Mail: ‘because star trail images need very long shutter speeds they take a lot of patience. I’ve learnt how to endure the freezing cold by meditating’.

I long for the land that is not,
because all that exists, I’m too weary to want.
The moon tells me in silvery runes
about the land that is not.
The land where all our dreams are wondrously fulfilled,
the land where we cool our bleeding brow
in the dew of the moon.
My life was a hot illusion.
But one thing I have found and one thing I have really won–
the way to the land that is not.

In the land that is not
my beloved walks with brilliant crown.
who is my beloved? The night is dark
and the stars quiver in response.
Who is my beloved? What is his name?
The heavens arch higher and higher,
and an earthly child drowns in endless fogs
and knows no answer.
But an earthly child is nothing but certainty.
And it stretches its arms higher than all the heavens.
And an answer comes: I am the one you love and will always love.
– Edith Södergran (1892-1923), ‘The Land That Is Not’



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