The Hepworth Wakefield

5 thoughts on “The Hepworth Wakefield”

  1. Great post. A very thorough review. We went over on Saturday and thought it was an excellent Gallery. Some fantastic works of art.

    1. Thanks Kevin & ms6282. Must get down to the Margate Turner sometime. I think the English are very suspicious of modern architecture. But I think there have been some great buildings in the last decade. In the NW the Lowry & Imperial War Museum come to mind, even the much-maligned Museum of Liverpool – though that may be the inverse of the Hepworth – looks good on the outside, but perhaps doesn’t work so well inside, whereas the Hepworth has a plainness outside but perfectly serves the art inside.

  2. Thanks, Gerry. I think Wakefield has the best concentrated UK art collection outside London. World class (and in easy reach of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park). But I think the new gallery’s architect – David Chipperfield – deserves more praise and recognition in his home country (here!). He’s had two great buildings open this year (the other is the Margate Turner) and, whilst he is a star in Germany and known widely in Europe and world-wide, he has been overlooked in the UK. I hope this building changes things. I don’t see why, if Guggenheim = Gehry, the same shouldn’t apply here.

  3. Peter Lanyon, Moor Cliff Kynance 1953:

    I’m afraid this painting is shown the wrong way up. (It’s also upside-down on the Arts Council website.)

  4. Thanks for pointing that out, Martin! I have corrected the image in the post – I imagine that returning home after seeing the painting I couldn’t remember it precisely and simply assumed the Arts Council site had it right. If anyone should know, I guess it’s you!

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