A Dales walk: clints, grykes, meadows and pubs

4 thoughts on “A Dales walk: clints, grykes, meadows and pubs”

  1. Rich people can be very greedy indeedy. Here in the USA they are not taxed enough! The woman who owns both the spa and the athletic club at which I work is loaded. She made her money exploiting old folks, owning two geriatric ‘hospitals’, one of which she sold to build the luxury spa. I have not had a pay increase in the 12 years I have worked there! In fact, my wages were lowered a couple of years ago. That would be around the time the bank took our house. We will soon have to sacrifice health insurance, too (> $2,000/month – we don’t earn that even).Sometimes I am homesick for more than just the lovely countryside … I know times are bad in Europe, too, but you do have social benefits that are lacking over here.

  2. I love the photos of the deciduous wood and Yockenwaite, in particular. And the squat church tower and the thrushes. My knowledge of the Dales is limited to the old television show “All Creatures Great and Small,” and I could almost hear its cheery theme music playing as I went through these photos with your commentary. Fantastic.

  3. Lovely photos of an area we know well. Have stayed at Kettlewell and gone up the dale many times. Hope you didn’t miss the mouse carvings by Robert (Mousey or Mouseman) Thompson in the church at Hubberholme. A little difficult to find at first but once you get your eye in…!

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