Weetabix 3-D: before Avatar, before Herzog

3 thoughts on “Weetabix 3-D: before Avatar, before Herzog”

  1. Wow! Fascinating. I was just a little kid in the fifties, born in ’53. Halcyon days. The weather in my birth month of May was way better then and we had parties in the garden, wearing starched, smocked “frocks” with bows at the back that my neighbour always pulled apart. Smell of freshly mowed grass, jellies in waxed paper receptacles and pressies that you had to pretend you liked even if you didn’t. Thank you Gerry, for the memories!

  2. Remarkably, it still is 95% wholegrain wheat – or so it claims on the packet I checked this morning

    1. It is still one of the tastiest cereals at breakfast with a little Splenda and lo-fat milk or soy or similar. Q – do followers like to eat quickly while still crispy or let them get soggy? Can also be eaten dry, like a cracker, with butter, jam, honey, cheese. Very versatile and, I believe, still manufactured on an industrial site in a village close to Northampton where I was raised (the ones here in the US are made in Canada). My father and uncle owned the building in which Weetabix is made during seventies…

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