Norman MacCaig: Fishing for Poetry

6 thoughts on “Norman MacCaig: Fishing for Poetry”

  1. Oh dear! I recorded this and deleted it without watching because of the in-jokery at the beginning! What a loss. I have a lot of time for Jackie Kay for starters so I’m sad to have missed her input. That’ll teach me. And I find I know Assynt having holidayed at Drumbeg some years ago. At least it will make me seek out McCaig’s poetry now!

  2. This was such a beautifully filmed loving and knowledgable film. The iplayer link is closed today. I can’t believe it is lost for ever. Is there any way one can get a dvd/recording as I have a fly fishing poet of a brother who knew some of the contributors and it would make a superb surprise?

  3. oh i love norman mccains work i like the poem the toad but its nothing compared to my poem ‘the sea’

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