Banksy in Liverpool

News today that the businessmen who bought the Whitehouse pub at the corner of Berry Street and Duke Street, famous for street artist Banksy’s graffiti rat, are set to sell it for a profit.   They paid £114,000 for the Whitehouse in February and are now expected to sell it for £175,000 at auction next week.

The artwork appeared in 2004 during the Biennial, although not commissioned by the festival.  The building’s Grade II listing means that any proposal to change the exterior will have to get planning consent.

Reading this provoked me to gather together images of other works by Banksy that have appeared in Liverpool.  Most – if not all – of these have now disappeared, lost during the renovation of the Ropewalk quarter where most were situated.

A self-portrait on Slater Street.

‘Never Liked The Beatles’ on Seel Street was stolen.

This one was on Lime Street for a while.

There’s some debate about whether ‘Secured – by sleepy migrant workers on a minimum wage’ on Concert Street was a genuine Banksy.

‘The key to making great art is all in the composition’ on Seel Street.

As part of this year’s Biennial, an exhibition at the Corke Art Gallery featured five-limited edition Banksy prints, including ‘Nola (Grey Rain)’, seen above with gallery owner, Nic Corke.


3 thoughts on “Banksy in Liverpool

  1. Mr Bansky is clearly a cat lover like me. Love his art. He should be employed to decorate ugly facades everywhere!!

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