Before ‘Silent Spring’

4 thoughts on “Before ‘Silent Spring’”

  1. Thanks Gerry – I only caught half the program
    how frustrating that this had such a short life in iplayer

    I’d just add that Mabey noted (importantly from a poet’s point of view) how Clare could:
    “trace out the mutual dependence of things, not just out in the world as it were, but in the very structure and syntax of his writing.”


  2. Thanks for adding that significant quote, John. I don’t know why these talks can’t remain indefinitely on iPlayer, or their text be posted on the BBC website.

  3. Hi there,

    My name is Adrian shirk; I work for a horticulture and design publication called Wilder Quarterly, and we’re running a story about the Chipko movement. Do you know who I should contact about acquiring temporary rights to use one or both of the paintings you featured in this post?

    You can reach me at

    Many thanks.

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