Knebworth Festival 1974-5

6 thoughts on “Knebworth Festival 1974-5”

  1. Freddie Bannister was the promoter of the gig, not a stage technician.

    You also claim punk was five years away. It wasn’t. The Sex Pistols ‘Pretty Vacant’ was released in July 1977 and Thatcher was elected in 1979.

    Interesting post though.

  2. You forgot my favorite band…The Doobie Brothers. Too bad you couldn’t remember the SAHB. It was my first time for them and I loved them. But the Doobies were my favorite. It was a great day. Cheers.

    1. So he was … but I can’t remember him at all. I saw him perform several times at the Students Union when I was a student at Liverpool Uni, though.

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