Mann Island catastrophe

9 thoughts on “Mann Island catastrophe”

  1. I saw it yesterday – what a lunatic decision! It destroys one of the finest views in the city, and for what? So a few yuppies/footballers’ wives/drug dealers can have a waterfront view, and in doing so, destroy it for the rest of the world. Meanwhile, a few hundred yards away, a brownfield site by the Baltic Fleet lies abandoned.

  2. I wonder what style of house the councilor who approved this monstrosity will be spending his backhander on?

  3. What type of self righteous, immature, uninformed, person would presume to know the dispositions of the Mann Island resident’s personal positions or preferences!! It’s a democracy that we are lucky enough to live in and I for one will spend my hard earned money on what I like within the parameters of normal life!! I’m an ex royal marine born in Liverpool, I love my city and it’s History, its people, its feel, not a drug dealer!!
    I don’t know what you have done in your life to presume that the rest of the world has had something destroyed!!! Have you ever been to a place that has been destroyed!! Thought so!!
    What planet are you from!!!! Have you ever been out of Liverpool to other coastal cities, Hamburg, Barcelona etc, they all have a living, vibrant, thriving heart born out of the fact that new and old live side by side!!! It sounds like you would like to turn Liverpool into a museum only to be looked at through glass!! The reason the city has got back on its feet and is being talked about so much these days is because it’s not a museum and you can actually enjoy being part of it, living, beating, evolving, exploring!!
    You are entitled to your views and I for one am extremely happy for that but don’t pass “guilty verdicts” on residents status, it makes you look stupid and I’m sure you’re not!!!!! I don’t hide behind aliases, Kev Robinson

  4. Some people around here sure have a big chip on their shoulder ! Not mentioning any names lol. I am not a drug dealer, yuppie nor last time I checked a footballer wife ! I am an ex member of HM Armed Forces who now works extreemly hard in Civilian life. I am also due to move into my new apartment at Mann Island shortly. I would like to point out that these views that people are talking about not always been part of the City any how. And anyhow how often do these people go and look at the ‘Three Graces’from the archway at Salthouse Dock. If we all stood in the way of progress then this City will stagnate again. Liverpool has made great strides over the last decade redeveloping the City Centre and I think everybody would agree that it is now a much much nicer and safer place to be than it was previously. Get a grip things move on, yes we should save our heritage buy not at the all consuming cost of Progress. English Heritage are a bunch of crooks based in Manchester helping stifle Liverpool, take Liverpool Waters for example. Should we save Old disused dock because of there history when nobody can even see them at the minute because of all the rubbish thats on top of em. Or shall we redevelop the area and create more Jobs for the people of Liverpool. Oh I know lets save the docks and all sign on instead !!

  5. These buildings are offensive, out of place and wrong in my opinion. Yes most of the new development in Liverpool is great, and these buildings would look good in the town too, but not at Mann Island as they have unbalanced the flow of architecture from the Pier Head through to the Albert Dock.

  6. I’m not born and bred on Merseyside, but from the South. While I can respect the views of two posters who have put their savings into buying apartments in this development, I can also see the other side.

    As a world heritage site, these new buildings really do *not* fit in well, and while a ‘vibrant, thriving, changing’ Liverpool might be the desired effect, I am sure that there are plenty of other areas which are/could be developed to provide up-market property with lovely views, just not so close to the historic waterfront.

    I see a lot of apartments facing The Strand are still for sale, so assume the developers simply “got it wrong” about these living spaces having all around appeal – seems everyone wants a view south or north-west, not east.

    I suspect, with prices starting well above house prices on Merseyside (more than double the cost of my 1993 two up, two down house with gardens front and back) that these will sit on the property market for a long time unless “snapped up” for short term use and paid for by funds from a big business to provide a senior exec somewhere to live for a year or two while he finds a family home and can arrange a move.

    Others probably have limited chances in the current economic climate to consider the more costly apartments with terraces etc, but for those who do have the funds (eg from a house sale in the South East), I bet there are some really nice detached homes with more room and privacy elsewhere on Merseyside if someone is ready to pay 300-400k. After all, you don’t know how noisy your neighbours might be if you are buying an apartment… they could have their place wired throughout and play trance music at full blast for hours on end. At least with a detached home you can do what you want with less bother from even the ‘nearest’ neighbours.

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