20 years since Mandela walked free

2 thoughts on “20 years since Mandela walked free”

  1. As much as I love Manela, I disagree completely on the way the world handles Africa. Sanctions and disinvestment only hurt the innocent. They are nothing but another form of terrorism. They make foreign countries feel noble, but the plain fact is that the only people who suffer are the poor and those who have no power or voice in the first place. I have seen the suffering in South Africa with 40% unemployment and children dying of malnutrition in the Transkei. I’m completely against sanctions.

    What depresses me the most, as someone born in Southern Rhodesia (then Rhodesia, then Zimbabwe), is the fact that no-one in the “First World” seems to care anymore. Zimbabweans hold a vigil meets every Saturday (or is it every 2nd Saturday?) in London. They’ve been doing so for ten years…

    Ten years. :-(

    When will the world deal with Mugabe? How come he does not excite world passion the way Ian Smith did?

  2. I really love Nelson Mandela, In fact he gives me strength day by day. I really feel to live by his words of courage, forgiveness and free yourself from what does not belong to you. Ask and questions to get way through. Long live long live Mandela long live!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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