Robert Macfarlane walks the South Downs

11 thoughts on “Robert Macfarlane walks the South Downs”

  1. Wonderful post – I enjoyed Robert McFarlane’s walk a lot, so thanks for transcribing and setting to poetry and pictures.

    You might be interested in my new book, ‘Ravilious in Pictures: Sussex and the Downs’, which will be published by the Mainstone Press in a couple of weeks. As the title suggests, it’s about the painter and his relationship with Downland England.

    There’s more information on my blog.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, James. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post as much as I did writing it. Your book looks very enticing. For others reading this you can find it on Amazon here.

  2. Great ost, I widint know about Macfarlanes walk, or about Eric Ravillious.
    Please could you tell me who the paintings/pictures in your post are by, and if copies can be obtained., they are very beautiful. Thanks agian for a truly lovely post, Andy.

  3. All the paintings are by Eric Ravilious – if you hover your mouse over each image you will see a label with the details. Click on an immage to enlarge it. Two books of Ravilious’s paintings have been published recently – Ravilious in Pictures:vols 1&2. They’re on Amazon. Glad you appreciated the post.

    1. Yours is a fascinating post, Helen, and introduced me to several artists about whom I was previously unaware. Especially because of the local connection, I’ll look further into Harry Epworth Allen. Thanks for the link.

  4. Thanks, Richard. That’s unusual – few in the Essay strand are left on iPlayer longer than a week. There is a podcast, but presumably because some essayists hold onto copyright, many essays don’t get podcasted.

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