Anne Frank’s Diary on TV

Ellie Kendrick as Anne Frank

This week I’ve been watching the excellent BBC adaptation of Anne Frank’s Diary dramatised by the novelist Deborah Moggach, and beautifully acted, in particular by Ellie Kendrick in the title role.  The screenplay is faithful to The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition, the version of Anne Frank’s Diary finally published in 1997 which includes entries omitted from previous editions.

This Publishers Weekly synopsis of the edition pretty much sums up this BBC production:

It completely revises our understanding of one of the most moving and eloquent documents of the Holocaust. The Anne we meet here is much more sarcastic, rebellious and vulnerable than the sensitive diarist beloved by millions. She rages at her mother, Edith, smoulders with jealous resentment toward her sister, Margot, and unleashes acid comments at her roommates. Expanded entries provide a fuller picture of the tensions and quarrels among the eight people in hiding. Anne, who died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in March 1945, three months before her 16th birthday, candidly discusses her awakening sexuality in entries that were omitted from the 1947 edition by her father, Otto, the only one of the eight to survive the death camps… In the end, Anne’s teen angst pales beside her profound insights, her self-discovery and her unbroken faith in good triumphing over evil.


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