Biennial: Hope Street Project

Hope Street Project: image by Mark McNulty

If you’re anywhere around Hope Street in the evening at the moment, you get to see an extraordianry green beam of light that links the two cathedrals. This is the Hope Street Project, part of the Biennial Light event.

Beams of light link the towers of the two cathedrals along Hope Street. These will be visible on misty or rainy evenings, but they are also the conduits for voices to be passed between the two buildings. What is being sent is a growing collection of hopeful phrases and utterances that are drawn directly from the people of Liverpool distributed through a contemplative soundspace that links the two Cathedrals.

To achieve the above aspiration means that the project team have had to overcome significant technical challenges to use green laser to transmit audio between the Liverpool Cathedral and Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Green laser is being used as a medium because it has superior visibility to red laser. Therefore, we will then be able to achieve the kind of iconic image which the project team wants when the installation is in situ later this year.

The Hope Street Project represents the third phase of a series of collaborative installations between artist and musician Peter Appleton and composer Simon Thorne. They are now working with the artist and writer Colin Dilnot on this project.

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